Buchanan Family Coat of Arms

The Coat of Arms is the heraldic arms of the Buchanan Family. The motto inscribed on the upper scroll, AUDARES JUVO, is translated as "I assist the bold"; the lower scroll, NOBILUS EST IRA LEONIS, as "The Wrath of the Lion is Noble.

The Coat of Arms was the originated in the village of Drumpellier, in the county of Lanark, located south of Glasgow, Scotland. It is complete with its Esrutcheon, Creast, Helmet, scroll and Motto. Its shield (Esrutcheon) is divided quarterly and read left to right, top to bottom, In the first and fourth quarter a black Rampant Lion is shown on a gold shield. The Lion symbolizes Strength, Courage and Generosity: Gold represents Generosity and Elevation of Mind. The border is double tressure flory counterflory gules, which is a decorative narrow band, prevalent in the Scottish heraldic designs. The second and third quarters are designed on a chevron between three argent silver bears’ heads with red muzzles, torn roughly off at the neck. The bear typifies Courage, Bravery and Endurance. A gold cinquefoil is situated center of the chevron and medieval helmet rests above the shield. Traditionally a helmet is located above all shields and holds no significance aside from an appropriate display of the Crest. The Crest, a hereditary device, is comprised of a hand holding up a purple lined Ducal cap, made of Ermine tufted on the top with a red rose within two branches of laurel. Ducal pertains to a Duke, which is the first and highest rank in the Peerage. The Peerage is a book listing the peers and giving their genealogies. All peers and peeress’ may sit in the House of Lords, the upper House in the British Parliament. Ermine is a white fur with hints of black, the hand is the Pledge of Faith: the rose, a symbol of Beauty and Grace. The ornamented mantling encompassing the shield is unimportant in the Heraldic translation.

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