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Attendants At Arizona

Rites Hear Of U.S. Might

Texas Congressman Olin E. Teague said at Pearl Harbor yesterday that the world has become a neighborhood before it has acquired the wisdom to become a brotherhood.
Teague told 200 persons who attended the dedication of the $500,000 U.S.S. Arizona Memorial that "modern methods of transportation and modern weapons have forced on us a togetherness before we were socially, politically, economically or morally mature enough to handle it.
"And yet - after 21 years - we should have reached that degree of maturity. We must reach it if we are to survive."

TEAGUE SPOKE from a lectern inside the glistening white monument. In a shrine at the Ford Island side in the memorial structure is a huge marble plaque inscribed with the names of the 1,102 men aboard the Arizona who died on Dec. 7, 1941.
Teauge's audience included military and high civic dignitaries, and relatives of the dead, There were floral tributes to the men of the Arizona - red roses, anthuriums, orchids. One was inscribed "Beloved Son, Clyde." Another, "Mother and Father."

TEAGUE,CHAIRMAN of the House Veterans Affairs Committee and a decorated World War II serviceman, said that the U.S. has the nuclear capability to "destroy half the population, and three quarters of the industrial potential of Soviet Russia within 24 hours.
He said too many people have become hysterical because of the Communist threat.
"We find, on the one hand, a hard core of frustrated super-patriots - so called - who have apparently lost faith in the democratic process that have made this country great" Teague said.

"THESE ARE the extremists who have made themselves self-appointed guardians of our liberty, wholesale dealers in slander and abuse, who use epithets in the place of reasoned argument, who would make democracy safe by suppressing it and stifling it.
"those who blandly say we risk enslavement before we should risk annihilation apparently consider freedom as something which we posses by ourselves, free of all encumbrances, with no strings attached.
"This is simply not true. We do not own our freedom. We hold it in trust for those who will come after us."

From superstructure of Arizonia, marine honor squad fires salute

TEAGUE SAID a small but vocal minority whose numbers were "inconsequential," was stealing the scene from the majority of "sensible, disciplined patriots."
Teague warned that American could lose its freedom unless it awakened to the dangers within and without its borders.
"We accept the fact that we are today engaged in a war," he said. "It is not as yet a nuclear war, and we hope and pray that it will never come to that.
"But, despite the dire prophecies of the defeatists, we are far better prepared to fight such a war than is our adversary.

"WE KNOW the insanity that lies in all-out nuclear warfare, but we must not be terrified by the prospect."
He then told the guests attending the dedication that the U.S. had the nuclear capability to knock out most of Russia within 24 hours.
"This is a distressing thought - painful thought if one believes, as I do, in the essential brotherhood of man, but is far more consoling than the quite inaccurate idea that we could not compete with word communism in a nuclear war."

THERE WAS NO applause after Teauge's speech, in respect for the solemnity of the occasion and in deference to the grieving Gold Star Mothers and others who came to honor the 1,176 men who lost their lives on the USS Arizona Dec. 7, 1941.
Many of the women, and some of the men, shed tears as they read the names of the dead, engraved on the marble Plaque.

THE SENOIR OFFICER-survivor of the Pearl Harbor bombing of the USS Arizona, Rear Adm. (ret.) Samuel Fuqua, flew here from St. Petersburg, Fl., where he is a political science teacher in a junior collage. He said he was "most pleased" with the gleaming white memorial.
Mr. And Mrs. Jacob Bright of Kaneohe, who make pilgrimages twice a year to the UAA Arizona, also praised the new memorial.
Mrs. Bright's nephew, Walter Scott Roberts, Jr., is one of the men still entombed there.

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