Ship's History 1985

The year 1985 was a busy one for USS BUCHANAN (DDG-14). The 25-year old guided missile destroyer completed four major exercises while on a Western Pacific Deployment with Task Group 75.1.

Through the first twelve days of January, the ship remained inport Subic Bay, RP, continuing holiday upkeep since 18 December 1984. BUCHANAN spent 13-17 January underway; participating in COPE THUNDER 3-85, enroute to a port visit in Phattaya, Thailand (19-21 January). BUCHANAN participated in SEA SIAM 1-85, 22-24 January with the Royal Thai Navy, ending with a port visit to Sattahip, Thailand on 26 January; 27-31 January was spent underway, conducting operations in the South China Sea. From 01-14 February, BUCHANAN was inport Subic Bay for upkeep.

BUCHANAN was underway with Battle Group CHARLIE from 15 February - 02 April,- and participated in FLYING FISH 85-1 (08-13 March) with the Royal Australian Navy. During that period BUCHANAN visited the ports of: Rabaul, PNG (22-25 February); Sydney, Australia (04-07 March); Brisbane, Australia (14-17 March); Rabaul, PNG (22 March); Cebu, RP (29-31 March), before returning to Subic Bay for upkeep (03-21 April).

From 22-26 April BUCHANAN participated in BATTLEWEEK 85A, ending with a brief port visit in Manila (27-28 April), before returning to Subic Bay.

BUCHANAN was inport Subic Bay 30 April - 05 May, before getting underway with the Battle Group to conduct operations in the South China Sea (06-11 May). On 12-16 May BUCHANAN was in transit to Pearl Harbor, with one-day port visit 17 May. BUCHANAN was underway 18-24 May, conducting a Tiger Cruise enroute to San Diego.

WESTPAC 84-85 officially ended on 25 May when BUCHANAN returned to her homeport of San Diego and began upkeep (25 May - 09 July).

From 27 May - 09 July BUCHANAN was in Intermediate Maintenance Availability from SIMA San Diego and participated in a Material Inspection on 24 June.

BUCHANAN was underway 10 July, enroute to Seal Beach, on 11 July BUCHANAN conducted the last weapons offload before going into Regular Overhaul (ROH). BUCHANAN returned to San Diego for-upkeep (13-31 July), and entered Intermediate Maintenance Availability with SIMA Long Beach (13 July-30 September).

On 01 August BUCHANAN was underway enroute to Long Beach, spending 02-04 August inport, and beginning ROH on 05 August. BUCHANAN entered Maintenance Availability with the USS PRAIRE (AD-15) (05 August - 31 December). On 12 August BUCHANAN entered dry dock at the Long Beach Naval Shipyard.

While in dry dock command of BUCHANAN changed when CDR William H. Parks relieved CAPT Stephen H. Jones on August 23.

During the year 1985, the 23 officers and 330 crewmembers of USS BUCHANAN traveled 28,032 NM in 1752 hours of underway steaming, steamed 720 hours inport and spent 6288 hours in cold iron. They completed 10 replenishments at sea and expended 381 rounds of 5" ammo.