Ship's History 1983

The year of 1983 proved to be a productive one for USS BUCHANAN (DDG-14). The 23 year old guided missile destroyer embarking 315 enlisted men and 22 officers successfully completed numerous exercises and a Western Pacific 'Deployment.

On 1 January 1983, BUCHANAN was inport San Diego, for holiday leave and upkeep. From 3 January to 7 January, she went through a Combat Systems Readiness Test (CSIU) and from 17 January to 31 January, completed READIEX 832 during which she completed a live AAW Missile Mobile Sea Range Firing. During this time BUCHANAN also participated in VANDALEX (Anti-Air) and ASU-1-R (anti-surface) live firing exercises.

During the month of February, BUCHANAN was inport San Diego, for maintenance and a Medical Readiness Inspection and hul-1 inspection and cleaning.

On 7 March, the Commander of Destroyer Squadron 31 (DESRON 31) frocked the Commanding Officer, Commander Michael E. Mays, to the rank of Captain. BUCHANAN deployed on 21 March, starting with TRANSITEX 83-8 arriving in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, 1 April 1983.

From 2 April to 24 April, BUCHANAN conducted Northern Pacific Ocean Operations, during which she chopped into Seventh Fleet, participating in FLEETEX 83-1. From 25 April to 29 April, BUCHANAN was inport Pusan, South Korea. While there, the ship presented Project Handclasp material to a local orphanage.

In May, BUCHANAN began scenario operations in BALIKATAN/TAGENT FLASH 83. During this time, she operated in the East China Sea, Philippine Sea, and South China Sea.

June 3, 1983, found BUCHANAN anchoring in Okinawa harbor for a change of command. Commander Stephen H. Jones relieved Captain Mays as Commanding Officer. Commander Jones reported from USS Carl Vinson (CVN-70) where he had been Commissioning Engineer. A Naval Academy graduate, his previous duties included service aboard USS ZELLARS (DD-777), USS; HAWKINS (DD--873), USS ENTERPRISE (OIN-65) and USS MISSISSIPPI (CGN-40) and a tour of duty in Vietnam as Commanding Officer of a division of river patrol boats.

Operating in the vicinity of OKINAWA, BUCHANAN participated in the amphibious exercise VALIANT BLITZ from 4 June to 9 June. The latter part of June was spent in operations in the East China Sea and South China Seas, ending with a port call in Hong Kong. By 30 June, BUCHANAN was inport Subic Bay.

Phase II of Battle Week 83-2 commenced for BUCHANAN on 4 July and concluded on 8 July. On 18 July BUCHANAN painted on the DESRON THIRTY-ONE Battle Efficiency "E" for competitive year 1983.

By 1 August, she was underway transiting the San Bernardino Straits with the USS NEW JERSEY Surface Combatant Battle Group enroute to Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. On 26 Aug, BUCHANAN Chopped to CMCLAWMT, for operations off Central America through 31 August.

BUCHANAN was inport Rodman Naval Station, Panama on 1 September. From 2 September through 8 September, she was escorting two Army LCU'S (landing craft, utility) up the coast of Central American to Honduras. On 5 September, using her own couplings and hoses, she refueled the two LCU'S while underway, a Navy first. On 9 September, she began the transit home and arrived in San Diego, California, on 17 September.

BUCHANAN was inport San Diego for leave and maintenance from 17 September to 13 October. On October, she commenced Phase I of Engineering MTT (Mobile Team Training) . During late October, she conducted local operations.

Phase II of MIT began on 14 November, with underway operations. From 23 November through the month of December, she was inport San Diego, California for maintenance and upkeep, starting a Selected Restricted Availability with a completion date of 24 February 1984.

During the year of 1983, BUCHANAN completed approximately 20 replenishments at sea, spent 3900 hours underway, 1105 hours steaming inport and 3755 hours in cold iron. Ammunition expended during the year included 798 5-in./ 54 cal. projectiles, six Tarter missiles, and one ASROC (Anti-Submarine Rocket) missile.