Ship's History 1982

For BUCHANAN, 1982 proved to be an arduous year with nearly continuous exercises, inspections, and training evolutions designed to increase all aspects of combat readiness. DDG-14 completed a Western Pacific cruise in early 1982, spending the remainder of the year preparing for yet another cruise in early 1983. Throughout 1982, BUCHANAN was administratively assigned to Commander Destroyer Squadron Thirty-One and was homeported in San Diego, California.

January 6 ended a much deserved six-day port visit in Hong Kong for the Warship. Considering that the ship was at the half-way point of the cruise, another three months of vigorous, demanding exercises still lingered ahead. January 7, found BUCHANAN underway once again for the tropical port of Subic Bay, R.P. After two short days inport to onload ammunition, all lines were cast off as the Buchaneers set sail for Tabones firing range to participate in NGFEX TABONES 82-4. Three more days were spent in the South China Sea for ASW and MISSILE EX 82-7A with another one-day visit to Subic Bay for maintenance and upkeep on January 15.

16 January found BUCHANAN enroute for Singapore. On January 19, 1982 BUCHANAN entered the domain of the raging main at longitude 105 20'E as King Neptune boarded the Warship to initiate all polywogs to be certified shellbacks. With all wogs accepted in the ragging main, the new shellbacks tested their sea legs in Singapore as the ship moored for four days on January 20. The 25th found the salt air and sea breeze again as the ship was at sea enroute for Subic Bay.

A maintenance availability on 29 January ended the following morning as the Warship participated in exercise INCHOPEX 82-3. Still underway, NGFEX 5 TABONES was held on February first and second with BUCHANAN showing that no one does it better... A group sail in the Sea of Japan was followed by escort duties with USS CORAL SEA through the ninth, after which the ship proceeded to Subic Bay.

Once again moored at Alava pier, Naval Station Subic Bay, R.P., major repairs were conducted on the ship's boilers, as BUCHANAN remained inport until 4 March when colors were shifted for the last time in the Western Pacific.

Assigned to Task Group 70.3 the ship sailed for six days before operating in TRANSITEX 8A-82 and assignment to Task Group 30.3. The first taste of the Good Ole U.S.A. was experienced on March 16 as the ship moored in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. On the morning of the 17th all hands heaved out and triced up extra early as the sea and anchor detail was called away for all Buchaneers knew the next stop would be home.

The next six days seemed -rather short as the ship's bow was put into the wind heading toward San Diego Bay with Tiger Cruise guests onboard the Warship for a glimpse of real Navy life at sea.

Friends and family lined the pier on March 23 as BUCHANAN moored to pier one, at the Naval Station, 32nd Street, San Diego, California for the first time in over six months. Together again, fathers and husbands went ashore knowing that the next thirty-nine days would be spent in BUCHANAN's homeport for upkeep.

Ready for sea once again, BUCHANAN set the sea and anchor detail to pull out of San Diego for the first time in 1982 on 5 May. After two short days of type training, Buchaneers found themselves enroute for San Francisco for two days of open house. On 10 May the brow was open to help educate the people of San Francisco about the Navy, and more than 500 guests boarded the Warship BUCHANAN to tour one of the most versatile ships in today's modern fleet.

DDG-14 departed San Francisco on 12 May to conduct type training and plane guard duties for the USS ENTERPRISE while enroute to San Diego, BUCHANAN moored at the Naval Station San Diego for the duration of the month of May and the first week of June. Still moored on 7 June, the Mobile Training Team embarked for MTT/OPPE Phase One. The BUCHANAN left San Diego with MTT embarked for one day, on the 10th of June. BUCHANAN then completed MTT/OPPE Phase One on 11 June.

The weekend was spent inport as PRAV started first thing Monday morning, 14 June.

The ship, ready for sea on 9 August after an extensive PRAV, set sail for Seal Beach to onload ammunition the following day. After a one day onload, the Warship conducted ISE drills in the SOCAL operating area until 13 August. Following another short weekend spent inport, BUCHANAN moved to Broadway Pier in downtown San Diego for two days of open house. After more than 1500 guests toured the Warship BUCHANAN, the ship crossed under the Coronado Bridge once again to spend four days inport San Diego for type training.

On 23 August, all lines were cast off to participate in NGFS at San Clemente Island. More than 160 rounds were unloaded through the muzzle during NGFS. BUCHANAN returned to port on 27 August where the Warship remained until 7 September. After three days of ISE steaming-'and two days inport, DDG-14 was again underway for MTT/OPPE Phase Two. MTT/OPPE was completed on 17 September followed by two days inport prior to the beginning of a SIMA "S" availability on 20 September.

The SIMA availability ended on 4 October when BUCHANAN set sail for type training in the SOCAL OPAREA that included TRE at anchorage on 7 October followed by a return to port on the following morning. That weekend was spent inport San Diego making final preparations for OPPRE. After three long days of written tests, oral boards and engineering drills, the propulsion examining board departed BUCHANAN finding three fully qualified watch sections in the engineering department capable of demonstrating proper casualty control procedures and proficiently running all main spaces. The Warship moored 16 October for an upkeep that was subsequently completed on 24 October.

After a one-day onload at North Island DDG-14 was underway for three days ISE in the SOCAL OPAREA. 30 October and 1 November was spent inport with the ship leaving once again on Monday morning for SOSMRC. After returning to port on 4 November, BUCHANAN began an upkeep that lasted through 21 November.

The next three weeks were dedicated to completing IRFT, during which the weekdays were spent at sea while the weekends and Thanksgiving were spent inport. BUCHANAN successfully completed IRFT on 3 December.

With only 4 December as a breather, BUCHANAN was underway for READIEX 83-1 until 15 December when the ship once again returned to San Diego. BUCHANAN nestled in for a holiday upkeep period to round out the year.

Over the course of 1982, BUCHANAN has constantly impressed seniors and peers alike with the spirit, dedication and unquestionable professionalism that was regularly demonstrated by all hands. 1982 was a productive year, completing a deployment and successfully completing all the prerequisites for another deployment in early 1983. The officers and crew of BUCHANAN have great hopes and expectations for the Warship to have an even better year in 1983.