Ship's History 1970

During 1970, USS BUCHANAN, under the command of Commander Clarence H. Greff, U.S. Navy, fulfilled the many varied tasks assigned to her as a Guided Missile Destroyer in the Cruiser-Destroyer Force, U.S. Pacific Fleet. BUCHANAN took part in normal training exercises and deployed to the Western Pacific for six months. While with the Seventh Fleet she provided services as plane guard and naval gunfire support, as well as surface, sub-surface and air surveillance for the combined Allied Forces in Vietnam.

BUCHANAN completed an extended tender availability with the USS SAMUEL GOMPERS (AD-37) on the third of January. The remainder of the month, BUCHANAN was inport accomplishing upkeep and individual training for the installation and use of SAMID equipment. BUCHANAN got underway on the second of February for a period of ASW School-ship training and plane guard operations for USS BON HOMME RICHARD (CVA-31). This was followed by an inport period that lasted until 28 February.

From 1 to 11 March, BUCHANAN participated in Ropeval (1-70). During this period she completed numerous Naval Gunfire Support qualifications and conducted various ASW and missile firing exercises as a participant in a major fleet exercise.

BUCHANAN steamed back into port on 12 March for upkeep and preparation for the Navy's Nuclear Technical Proficiency Inspection. The NTPI was held on the 23rd and 24th of the March in which the ship received a grade of Outstanding. The ship remained inport until the 30th of March when she got underway to conduct a week of 5"/54 Rocket Assisted Projectile evaluation tests and independent steaming exercises. The ship entered a one month tender availability with the USS DIXIE (AD-14) upon returning to San Diego.

The first of three pre-deployment inspections was held aboard BUCHANAN on 7 and 8 May. This inspection was an Administrative/Pre-DEPLOYMENT Command Inspection held by Commander Destroyer Squadron 15. After a week of independent operations at sea, BUCHANAN returned to San Diego to prepare for an Operational Readiness Inspection.

BUCHANAN was underway from 2 to 6 June for NEX Annual Operational Readiness Inspection in conjunction with SOMPTUEX 12-70/MEBLEX 1-70. Upon completion of this inspection/exercise the ship returned to port for about on week followed by a short at-sea period. On return to port the ship made final preparations for overseas movement. The 22nd of June, BUCHANAN received her last inspection prior to deployment, a Nuclear Safety and Security Inspection, which was completed satisfactorily.

On the morning of 13 July, in company with the USS GURKE (DD-783), BUCHANAN departed San Diego enroute to Western Pacific to support the Allied Forces in Vietnam. Extensive training exercises were conducted during the transit.

A brief stop was made in Pearl Harbor for briefings, as well as to refuel and relax. From Pearl Harbor, BUCHANAN continued on to Subic Bay, P.I., refueling at Midway on 24 July, Guam on 31 July and finally arriving Subic Bay on 4 August.

Underway on the 7th of August, BUCHANAN arrived on "Yankee Station" and soon thereafter commenced plane guard operations with the USS SHANGRI-LA (CVA-38) and USS BON HOMME RICHARD. BUCHANAN then returned to Subic Bay on 21 August where she stayed for ten days.

BUCHANAN got underway for Amphibious Operations on 1 September. The ship remained in port undergoing repairs on all four ship's service generators.

From 15 September to the 6th of October BUCHANAN conducted Gunfire Support for the Allied forces throughout the DaNang and Northern I Corps area. During this time the forces supported consisted of the Americal Division, the First Marine Division and the Army's First Brigade, Fifth Infantry Division (Mechanized).

After this extended gunline period BUCHANAN was inport Subic Bay for three days before steaming towards Hong Kong, B.C.C. BUCHANAN stayed in Hong Kong from the 13th to the 18th of October for some well deserved rest and relaxation. Upon departing Hong Kong, BUCHANAN went to "Yankee Station" for two weeks of plane guard duty for the USS SHANGRI-LA. The ship then transited south from "Yankee Station" enroute to Singapore, B.C.C. crossing the Equator on 8 November, and arriving in the former British Crown Colony on 9 November for a ten day stay inport.

From the 21st of November to the 1st of December, BUCHANAN navigated the treacherous waters off the coast of the fourth Military Region of South Vietnam while providing NGFS for the 9th and 21st Divisions of the Army of the Republic of Vietnam. Upon completion of BUCHANAN's second gunline tour during her 1970 deployment all thoughts were of the long transit and final return home.

The transit to San Diego included brief stops for fuel in Subic Bay from 2 to 4 December, in Guam on 7 December, in Midway on 12 December and finally Pearl Harbor from 14 to 15 December. On 20 December BUCHANAN arrived in San Diego and enjoyed an extended period of leave and rest and relaxation which lasted the remainder of the month.